6 Tips to Help You Sell Your Domain Name

There are a host of potential reasons why you might be struggling to sell your domain names. I have learned a lot over theSelling Your Domain Name years I have been in the business, and continue to learn as times change. I want to share 6 tips that can help you transition from domain collector to domain seller.

1. Make sure it Doesn’t Suck. It’s hard to hear that your domain name is horrible, which is why I don’t reply to many emails that I get (i.e. I own xjkell-cars.us, can you help me sell it?) A bad domain is a bad domain and nothing you can do will cause anyone to want it. The best investment is not renewing it.

While I am on the topic of good or bad domains, I know there are those who love all of the new domain extensions such as .club .social .tech, however I still believe that the DOT COM is king, and will command the best price in most cases.

2. List it for Sale. There are several sites where you can list your domain name for sale. I recommend listing it at all of them because you don’t know where your next buyer will be looking. A few trusted sites are Afternic & Sedo. If you are looking to wholesale it (or dump it), I recommend using Name Pros.

3. Leverage GoDaddy. Love em or not, GoDaddy is still king of domain sales in my book. I don’t recommend using their hosting or marketing services, but when it comes to buying and selling domain names, I LOVE them. I have had domain sales from buyers who have used GoDaddy’s domain buying service, where GoDaddy reached out to me as a seller. In fact, I had a record sale via GoDaddy. I would also highly recommend using GoDaddy’s Premium Listing service, which is free, but of course your domain has to be held at GoDaddy as the registrar. In the past 6 months, I have had 3 of my domains sold that I had listed at GoDaddy. These sales required no effort on my part. One domain name sold for $299, one sold for $500, and the other sold for $2,000.

4. Update Your WHOIS Records. This is a technique I learned some time ago. Often if someone is looking to buy a domain, they will look at the WHOIS record. If you let them know that it is for sale, and have up to date contact info in your WHOIS record, you may be surprised to see that people will actually reach out.

5. Hire a Domain Broker. A domain broker is someone who has experience in getting domain names in front of buyers. They may have a network of brokers they work with, a network of buyers they work with, and sometimes a team that will contact prospective buyers on your behalf. Some will work on commission only and some will require a fee up front. Do your homework and make sure the broker you choose has a successful track record as well as a track record of having integrity.

I will broker domains, however I am very selective in which domains I work with. For example, I will only broker DOT COM domains (unless there is a very compelling reason such as an income producing website.) I also require a fee up front because I will take the time to set the seller up for success. I am always happy to discuss potential opportunities, so feel free to contact me.

If you are looking for a domain broker, you can check out the Domainer Resources on the right column. Keep in mind, most of the professional brokers will only broker solid domain names.

6. Price it to Sell. There is a saying in real estate, “price cures everything.” The same is true in digital real estate, which is essentially what domain names are. Just like traditional real estate, if your domain sells too fast, you might fear that you priced it too low; I know as this has happened to me. But you have to ask yourself, “how long do you want to be a domain collector?” If your domains are not selling, there is a chance they simply aren’t good, aren’t in front of the right buyer, or just are priced too high. Remember, people usually have options when buying domain names, so you want to make sure your is desirable or they may just move on and buy another one.

BONUS – If you haven’t read Morgan Linton’s book (Domain Investing Handbook), I highly recommend it.

I hope this helps you sell your next domain faster than you would have without these insights. If you have domains you want to discuss brokering, please contact me. For fastest results, send me the actual domain names to review.

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