Domain Brokerage

Are you struggling to find the right domain name for your business? I’ve been successfully negotiating domains names for over a decade and I can most likely help you find what you need. While there are many options for domain extensions, the DOT COM domain is still considered the top of the food chain for businesses, so rather than settling for a less common domain extension (such as .us, .info, or another) that will usually promote someone else’s company (the person or company with the dot com version of the domain name), contact me for a no cost, no obligation consultation.

PLEASE NOTE: We will only broker DOT COM domains that we know will sell. We never want to get anyone’s hopes up, and sadly most of the domains people want to sell are not worth anywhere close to what they think they are. If you have a single dictionary word domain in a .com (i.e. then you likely have a 6 or 7 figure domain. If you have a sentence in your domain “” it’s probably worth a lot less than you think. I recommend visiting to get a ball park idea on what your domain name is worth so you have a realistic perspective.

Also, offering a higher commission doesn’t help (this has happened). If the domain isn’t going to sell , we won’t invest the time because 80% of $0 is $0. I hope that doesn’t sound arrogant, but I have been buying and selling domains since the late 90’s so I have learned a thing or two. I also work with some of the best in the domain business so I have an amazing team of advisors who have worked with some of the top brands and top domain sales online.

Looking forward to serving you!

~ Anthony

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