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Domain Name: (Currently for sale via auction at

About the Domain: Former mortgage company domain with lots of history and lots of links. Comes with a second domain ( as well as all of the branding (logo and website.) All content is original and the site has been online since 2006.

Currently, the site is an information only site, and would make a great lead gen site or mortgage company site if ads and affiliate links were removed.

Site Stats:  Used to get about 2,000 organic visitors per month, then a hosting glitch at GoDaddy took it offline and it lost rankings. It was recently switched to Hostek ($5.00/month) and now traffic is back up to 250 per month (did not do any additional promotions or link building.)

Site/Company has been featured in the Wall Street Journal,, All Experts (a division of and multiple press and media outlets. Just Google the name (Consumers Advantage Mortgage) or URL to see all of the references.

Revenue: Historically, has generated about $200.00 per month as follows:

– Two text ads (currently pay $50 per month)
– Two text ads (one expired in June and second will expire in July.) The site is a magnet for text link sellers, but I have not over done it. – Total was $75 per month, paid as annual fees.
– Adsense averaged about $30 per month before the debacle and now is just at $5 per month, but growing back.
– Mortgage leads (through generated about $25 per month on average.
– Affiliate sales. Not big, but have had affiliate sales via & Lexington Law. (About $15 per month)

Select Top Google Rankings:

It has ranked on page 1 for “Maryland Mortgage Company” and”Arizona Mortgage Company” but in the past few years has not been associated with a company, so those keywords have not been targeted.

For “bogus lender fees” the #3 Google result is a Wall Street Journal article featuring the mortgage company. Many people find the site through this article and for mortgage fee related terms.

Mortgage Commitment Fee = #4
corporate mortgage services #10

Select Top Bing Rankings:

Mortgage Lender Fees #1
Lender fees #5

Price: $2,500

What’s Included:

1. Complete website (both domains) and branding (logo and all exclusive content.)  I will set it up on your hosting account for you if you need assistance.

2. I will facilitate setup of all affiliate accounts and AdSense. I cannot guarantee acceptance to affiliate networks however.

3. I will re-optimize the home page for your specific city and state if you want to drive traffic to the site for a mortgage business.

Contact: For more info or to make offer – anthony(@)

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